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Our Capabilities

Lab Introduction

  • 21 years of experience in drug analysis

  • GLP Compliance

  • Service Items of the lab

    • Quantification of drugs and metabolites in plasma, serum, blood, urine, tissue samples by LC-MS/MS to support Pharmacokinetics (PK), Toxicokinetics (TK), Bioavailability (BA), and Bioequivalence (BE) studie

    • Analytical method development

    • Analytical method validation

  • Method Validation & Sample Analysis

    • Guidance for Industry- Bioanalytical Method Validation

      • Food and Drug Administration (FDA), USA

    • Guideline on Bioanalytical Method Validation

      • European Medicines Agency (EMA)

    • Guideline on Bioanalytical Method Validation in Pharmaceutical Development

      • Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), Japan

Unit 801-802, Tower A, China Overseas International Centre, No. 838 South Huangpi Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

TEL: +86 21 5368-7600

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